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Choosing the Right Salon...

Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Hair extensions - a few hours in the salon and you have long hair that looks like a dream. It is the notion that women can achieve an instantaneous transformation that has seen demand for high-quality hair extensions hit an all time high. This increase in demand has been aptly met with an increase in supply as salons realize that hair extensions is one of the most lucrative services to offer. With so many options flooding the marketplace it can be challenging to select a hair extension salon that will be best for you and your hair.  DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Apart from the obvious things that need to be taken into consideration like quality of hair used, experience of the hair technicians and hair attachment methodology, there are subtle observable factors that can assessed at the consultation stage to help make the decision easier. 


Probably not much needs to be said about this. The salon should be spotless from top to bottom. A clean looking salon generally means that there is an agenda for hygiene and proper sanitation. So why does this matter? Very simply, clean salons are better structured and organized. The salon and its employees take pride in what they do with a team effort needed to maintain clean and tidy work areas. This "team effort" is very important to the overall running of the salon, including its workflow and how well all services are coordinated and performed.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is measured on how well a salon exceeds the needs of its clients.  First impressions start from when you first make contact. Is the staff helpful on the phone? Are they willing and able to listen to you and your questions? Where the staff friendly and approachable?  Did they make you feel welcome? Did they advise you of the products and technique they are using? Staff should be professional at all times, both in their manner and dress codes.  If anything proves to be unsatisfactory it is a good sign that your overall experience will likely be sub-par.

VIP Service

While the time require to fit extensions can vary between 2-4 hours depending on the attachment technique (less for tape ins and micro beads and more for the fusion technique) it nonetheless represents a significant investment of time. As the salon will be your “home” for the next few hour feeling comfortable, therefore, becomes quite important. Good conversation, gossiping magazines and drinks make your stay even more pleasurable.

Uncomplicated Pricing

99.9% of salons refuse to offer their clients an uncomplicated price structure.   It is rare that you will have any idea of the price before the consultation stage.  Once you reach the consultation stage you may have a better idea but things can still change between the fitting and when you get to the cashier if the salon charges per strand. Those few salons that do offer an uncomplicated price structure should not be overlooked as they are subtly saying that,  “I have confidence in what I am doing and so should you”.

Hair Inventory

A good salon should have a well-stocked inventory of hair on hand at all times. This is important for several reasons.  Firstly, it allows for the salon to offer consultation and fitting on the same day (a service that few salons offer).  Secondly, it allows the client a chance to examine, first hand, the different types of hair that potentially might be worn in their head. Surprisingly, a lot of salons demonstrate the different grades of hair they offer by using a sample ring so the hair you get might not resemble the hair you thought you chose. Thirdly, by having hair in stock the client is able to keep their eye on the chosen hair throughout the whole process.  As hair is not cheap a salon that has a considerable inventory of hair and is willing to show you that inventory is a salon that is committed to job at hand of creating a beautiful head of hair for you.

Please bear in mind that these are additional things to look for when choosing a salon. It is always recommended to do some homework. Getting a referral to a hair extension salon by family or friends could be a good way to begin your search. Great salons receive lots of referrals from their existing customers who are only too happy to recommend exceptional service, professionalism and outstanding results. Discussion forums can be a rich source of information, as many tend to share their personal experiences and the remedies or problems they faced.  Check for Google's with many customer reviews is always a good indication you have found your hair extension home.

However, if the salon offers the extension attachment methodology you are looking for and checks all the boxes listed, then you likely have found a winner.

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