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 Fusion/Strand by Strand Method

Fusion hair extensions are the most popular technique in the hair extension industry. The fusion method is where hair extension all began. It is a strand by strand method attached by a small keratin protein bond that is melted and coats to your natural hair. Our hair is made up of keratin and protein, so the keratin glue is non damaging to your hair. The result looks very natural; because, it blends with your natural hair and is non detectable. All you need to do is take care of the hair extensions like you care for your own natural hair, but remember that the hair extensions are not attached to your own scalp, so the hair needs to be feed with moisturizing products (I'll suggest products to care for your hair during the installation process)


I always recommend to my clients that they do a clarifying treatment on their hair once a month and then coat their hair with raw organic coconut oil and sleep with it in their hair for a night. The coconut oil is so fabulous for your own hair and especially for maintaining the health/integrity of the hair extensions.


The application process takes about 2-3 hours to apply a full head and will last 3-4 months depending on the growth of your natural hair. I suggest to my clients that once the extensions have grown out an inch from the scalp, it is time to do a new set.

During the 3-4 months, there is no maintenance required. Just treat your extensions as if they were your own natural hair and enjoy your new look. My removal process is different from others; because, most stylist use a acetone based solution to soften the keratin bonds; but, I don't use the solution; because, I am all about protecting the integrity of my clients hair (acetone is very drying to the hair). Instead of using the solution, I use pliers to chomp/break the bonds and then carefully pull them down the shaft of the hair, this insures the least amount of damage to your existing hair. Good quality hair can be reused if the hair extensions have been cared for properly. I will teach you how to care for your extensions during the application process (I'm all about educating my clients so they can have a positive hair extension experience), If the hair extensions have been properly cared for, I can cut off the old keratin tip and add a new one and reapply it as if it were a new strand. I am one of the few stylist in the area willing to offer this service, because it is so tedious; but, I like to save my clients as much money as possible when choosing to wear hair extensions.

My removal process is free unless you've worn your extensions too long. If the strands have grown out more than an inch, the new growth hair has the potential to dread up; because, the new growth hair is much more difficult to brush. If a client has worn the extensions past the recommended inch of regrowth and the hair has dreaded up, I charge $50 an hour to do the removal and the removal can be much more difficult. A normal removal can take 30-45 minutes where a dreaded removal can take up to two hours.

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