Frequently asked questions

Who wears hair extensions in Arizona?

Women of all ages, lifestyles, and professions wear hair extensions. I work with clients who are wanting extreme length for prom or a wedding, everyday women looking to vamp up their style, or someone who has just always struggled with fine or thin hair. I work with girls in college to women in retirement. Simply put: there is no set type for who wears hair extensions. Odds are very high that you know someone who wears hair extensions that you may or may not know about. Some women tell their friends and family they are wearing them, some don’t. The best hair extensions aren’t seen or noticeable as they seamlessly blend and just enhance their look.

Can I get length and/or add volume with hair extensions?

Most people think hair extensions are only for adding length, but a majority of my clients use hair extensions for added fullness and volume. Having said that, length is absolutely possible as well. Keep in mind the best hair extensions in Arizona are ones you don’t even know someone has. My goal is to give you hair that gets you compliments. The last thing I want you to get are compliments on your hair extensions. Having specialized in hair extensions since the onset of my career, I have years of first hand experience. I take my reputation very seriously and much of that is relevant to the look you leave the salon with. Having said that, a consultation is the best way for us to talk about your expectations and I will offer you my best advice.

Which hair extensions are best for my hair type?

Determining which hair extension system you should wear depends on many factors and can only be 100% determined during a free hair extension consultation. Things to consider: * Your natural hair type and density – This is the most important factor so you wear a system that your hair can support without damage. * Your Lifestyle – How often do you workout, wash your hair, or swim? Certain systems are meant for a specific woman, so it is important we choose a system that fits your lifestyle. * Your styling abilities – Let’s face it, adding hair means increasing your styling time. For some women this can be a big turnoff, but to others it’s an opportunity to finally have hair that will hold a curl and maintain a style.

Will hair extensions damage my own hair?

The only times you see damage from hair extensions are when one of three things happen: 1. The wrong type of hair extensions are applied to your hair – something too heavy, or with too strong of an attachment. This is why a consultation is necessary so we can discuss your expectations and I can see your natural hair type. 2. Not using proper hair extension care products. 3. Irregular maintenance visits in the salon. Each type of hair extensions requires maintenance or reapplication. Not following the recommended time for maintenance or reapplication can increase the potential for damage.