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 Micro Bead Method

MICRO BEAD HAIR EXTENSIONS also known as MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS is a strand by strand method which involves small copper beads clamped onto your natural hair. A crochet hook is loaded with the beads and the bead is slid up to the root of your hair and then a hair extension strand is placed inside the bead and then clamped down to secure the strand in place. The result looks very natural and undetected to the human eye if the placement is done properly (I am a master at hiding the strands).  

The application process takes anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours and can last 3-4 months. I suggest the clients come in to have them redone once the bead has grown an inch from the scalp. A lot of stylist do what's called "move ups/tighten ups"; but, I don't believe in this practice...the reason being the hair cuticle runs in a downward position and if you are opening a copper bead and sliding it up the cuticle (isn't healthy for your healthy cuticle), it can cause damage to your existing hair and I am all about preserving the integrity of my clients hair.


Another reason I don't believe in this practice is that you should be trimming your split ends at least every three months and if you don't, when you remove the extensions, you will find your hair to be thin and jagged at the bottom. When a strand of hair begins to split, it splits into two and then eventually snaps off. The whole reason we ladies wear hair extensions is to have longer/thicker hair and in hopes that our natural hair will grow longer. It is best that the old set is removed and the hair trimmed before re applying the hair. New beads will be need each time; but, I keep them in stock for my clients. I actually prefer the beads called "EURO LOC HAIR EXTENSIONS"; because, the hold is more secure then any beads I have used over the years. There are many beads on the market and we can discuss your likes/dislikes during your free HAIR EXTENSION consultation.

Removal of the MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS is a very easy process that takes 20-30 minutes. If you are wanting to reuse the hair, we may have to re tip or re-form the hair extension strand so that it will slide back into the bead easily.

Application time is 30-60 minutes and you would need 40 to 60 books for a full head of hair extensions. This method isn't for everyone and should be discussed during your free consultation.

  • How do I wash my hair while wearing MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS?
    You wash your hair like normal in the shower. Washing your hair in the sink with your head upside down could cause the hair extensions to tangle. Some say not to get conditioner on the beads but, I disagree with that. I secure the beads in a very sturdy fashion, so shampoo and conditioner does not impact the hold of the beads.
  • Can I wash my hair daily?
    It is better to wash your hair every three days (twice a week is best) to insure you don't dry out your hair extensions. You want to keep your hair extensions as healthy as possible to ensure that you can reuse them in the future.
  • Can I use flat irons and blow dryers while wearing MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS?
    Yes you may; but, please be careful not to hit the beads with heat and don't focus the blow dryer directly onto the bead.
  • How long does my natural hair have to be to get hair extensions?
    For great results it is recommended to have 6-8 inches; but, I have done hair extensions on women with 3 inches of hair and have had perfect results. I am very skilled in layering/blending the hair extensions so that no one will know you are wearing MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS.
  • How long does the MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK application/process take?
    This varies from client to client...reason being is that some clients require more hair applied then others to complete their desired looks. Most are 1.5-2 hours; but, some can take up to three hours. Thickness of the clients hair can cause it to also take longer. I've been doing this a long time; so, I am very fast at applying.
  • Once the MICRO LINK/MICRO BEADS are in, do they feel heavy?"
    Yes, they will feel heavier at first; but, adding anything foreign to your hair can feel heavy; but, you will get use to it over time. Also, the first couple nights can be uncomfortable; because, I put the extension in very tight to ensure they do not fall out during the three or so months you are wearing the hair extensions.
  • Do MICRO LINK/MICRO BEADS cause damage to my hair?
    I always tell my clients this..."it's who puts them, who takes them out, how you take care of them and the quality of hair extensions that were applied to your hair. The quality of hair extensions is the most important aspect when getting hair extensions. If poor quality hair (or cheap hair) is applied to your hair, it will be pretty at first; but, poor quality hair has a silicone coating used to make the hair look shinny and pretty; but, once that silicon coating is washed off, the hair will begin to matte and tangle and that can cause extreme damage to you hair and harder to have the hair removed. I also tell my clients that when I remove the hair extension strand, you will see strands of your exiting hair attached to the removed strand; because, it is normal for our hair to shed 50-100 strands of hair daily; but, if the hair is attached to a hair extension strand, it is unable to collect in a brush or fall to the ground. So don't be alarmed when/if you see your hair attached to a removed hair extension; because, that is very normal.
  • Can I color my hair while wearing MICRO LINK/MICRO BEAD HAIR EXTENSIONS?
    Yes you can, it does not affect the beads.
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