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 Micro Bead Method

MICRO BEAD HAIR EXTENSIONS also known as MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS is a strand by strand method which involves small copper beads clamped onto your natural hair. A crochet hook is loaded with the beads and the bead is slid up to the root of your hair and then a hair extension strand is placed inside the bead and then clamped down to secure the strand in place. The result looks very natural and undetected to the human eye if the placement is done properly (I am a master at hiding the strands).  

The application process takes anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours and can last 3-4 months. I suggest the clients come in to have them redone once the bead has grown an inch from the scalp. A lot of stylist do what's called "move ups/tighten ups"; but, I don't believe in this practice...the reason being the hair cuticle runs in a downward position and if you are opening a copper bead and sliding it up the cuticle (isn't healthy for your healthy cuticle), it can cause damage to your existing hair and I am all about preserving the integrity of my clients hair.


Another reason I don't believe in this practice is that you should be trimming your split ends at least every three months and if you don't, when you remove the extensions, you will find your hair to be thin and jagged at the bottom. When a strand of hair begins to split, it splits into two and then eventually snaps off. The whole reason we ladies wear hair extensions is to have longer/thicker hair and in hopes that our natural hair will grow longer. It is best that the old set is removed and the hair trimmed before re applying the hair. New beads will be need each time; but, I keep them in stock for my clients. I actually prefer the beads called "EURO LOC HAIR EXTENSIONS"; because, the hold is more secure then any beads I have used over the years. There are many beads on the market and we can discuss your likes/dislikes during your free HAIR EXTENSION consultation.

Removal of the MICRO BEAD/MICRO LINK HAIR EXTENSIONS is a very easy process that takes 20-30 minutes. If you are wanting to reuse the hair, we may have to re tip or re-form the hair extension strand so that it will slide back into the bead easily.

Application time is 30-60 minutes and you would need 40 to 60 books for a full head of hair extensions. This method isn't for everyone and should be discussed during your free consultation.

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