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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Have you tried searching for information about hair extensions? Chances are you've found a confusing range of different techniques, all with their fans. Unfortunately, most also have their problems.

Weave Hair Extensions

Perhaps the oldest type. In fact, a primitive version was used in ancient Egypt. Your hair is braided into cornrows and then the extensions can be sewn onto the braids. Weave hair extensions last well but create problems with maintenance, since you have to leave the braids in. Also, because the extensions are pulling directly on your own hair, you can get headaches and risk hair-loss.  This method is not suited for caucasian women's hair.

Pre-bonded hair extensions aka Fusion hair extensions

Pre bonded hair extensions are glued directly onto strands of your own hair. The glues are usually harmless, but you can occasionally suffer allergic reactions to them. Also, the chemicals that have to be used when you want to remove the extensions can damage your hair.

Tape Hair Extensions

This is where the extensions are fixed to double-sided tape, and that is attached to your own hair. Tape hair extensions last longer than the pre bonded type. On the other hand, people who've tried them report that they have to spend a great deal of time looking after the extensions, as well as losing a certain amount of their own hair.

Clip-in Extensions

I recommend these if you only want your extensions for a short time. They're ideal for a wedding, for instance. I attach the extensions to clips that are easy to fix in the hair and take out. If you go for mass-produced versions, they can feel unnatural and clash with your own hair. I always custom make them, though, and our clip-in extensions can make your hair look great for a special occasion.

Micro Bead/ I Tip Extensions

The technique I recommend for anything longer term is micro ring extensions. We attach the extensions individually to tiny copper bead called Euro Locs and fix them in close to your scalp. That not only keeps them well hidden, it also means  can fix extensions wherever you want them, even if you have short hair. Because the rings are so small and nestle in your own hair, there's no discomfort. You can treat micrIo ring extensions just like your natural hair.

Choosing a technique is all very well, but it's only as good as the technician who adds the extensions. You can always be sure of being in good hands with Ms Manae.

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